Wednesday, 22 July 2009

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Is it the eclipse that has made everyone so friendly today

Anyway I will continue in the spirit of appreciation that has been offered to me today whilst teaching yoga at the Mariott's club in County Hall.
Yes I'm in London, for those of you who asked, thank you all for writing :-) that was really nice.

So have decided that dance is cool, a way to flow and have taken up pole, belly and contemporary dance classes across London.

A short video from Elena of the pole dancing school I am going to:

Photographing a sweet band at the mo, promo shots and things like this.. maybe I should have rescheduled the shoot for today? thus bringing a charming smile, versus their hard core scowel.

So teaching yoga, photography, juggling sausages, sassy spirals in glittery heels in dim lit basement clubs and high up in skylit studios barefoot for the release technique, the yoga of now.

Still hoping to study japanese, running in the meantime and yes.. some culture. Two operas last week at the ROH: Il Barbiere di Siviglia and Un ballo in Maschera.

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  1. Winnie: wanted to tell you before this wraps up -- I love your photos and think maybe the slideshow could be bigger?

    And what of the eclipse? I've kind of got a thing for eclipses...