Saturday, 18 July 2009

Murder at the Market

Last Thursday, behind the mists of frying leek and pomegranate sausages, was a murder. Now it wasn't planned, this spineless so and so just finally flipped... but it happened on my shift. No Psychiatrist? I got fired!

There's always an impractical queue at the Veggie Table during lunch times.
Punters arrive fresh from their sedentary life styles, thinking that buying this food will bringuy them health. Now it is a kinda bargain, you do get a lot, but it can be a little fetid and stale. Anyway last Thursday, it must have been positively noxious. Do you know that grace actually changes the structure of the food you eat?

Events can never be divorced from preceding ones and last week a staff girly, cracked her golden head open, an injury sustained at work, 5 stitches and the boss freaked because the concussion prevented her from coming to work the next day. Whack whack whack.. he started beating up the nearest cardboard box (the one pictured) yowling, "The English are constitutionally weak. What is wrong with them?" .. but he never paid her sick pay, nor to our manager who's back was in a brace, was actually on the books and whose turn transpired that thunderous Thursday.

So in the interest of mental health and safety we'll actually miss out the gory murder scene (disappointing though that is)and hop past the coagulated blood to a dry bit of swept ground.

fired. It didn't really matter. I knew too much, exactly what had transpired.
Adam mistakenly thought that if he fired the rest of the staff who had not resigned, no one would find out what a mean boss he was. 'But I buy you icecream' he yowled down the phone to his quitting manager, in an attempt to rationalise his abominable behaviour.

The next day he pleaded with me.. Talk to me, tell me. SO I did. And thus I got fired, spine intact and erect.

Will now be working at the Boston Sausage with the underastanding that ethical companies (with regard to the food industry) are not necessarily vegetarian nor even organic, but those who believe that human life is fundamentally the most important aspect of Life and thus that people are Indispensable.

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