Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Best Vegetarian Burger in London (that's also the World!)

The task has been long, the work has been round the clock, but I am very pleased to pronounce the winner!

Well done (literally) to Exeter Street's Joe Allens! I can't believe it, we have been going there since 1985! and they have only just entered the competition during the final draw...

So without further ado I will mention the proud winners of the 2nd and 3rd prize (and my unbiased choice of runner up!) before describing the burgers! (the fleshy part of the story... groooan!)

2nd place is awarded to Tom Conran's Lucky 7
3rd to the ever popular Lexington Street joint, Mildreds

and my undescriminated against runner up (think 'nuff said already) is to The Veggie Table. (Beware!) har har har...


So in reverse order (though I will keep it brief, because you definietly will be wanting to eat the winner:

The Heavenly Halloumi and the Super Veg burgers at the Veggie Table are both good.

The HH is made predominantly of a greek cypriete cheese (that would be halloumi) with some carrot and other veg so goes nice n Melty.

And the Super Veg is, as they describe it, Nutty-Grainy-Spicy. Made from the grain Quinoa it is suprisingly nutritious although it is cooked from frozen, which is not ideal. But tasty (I was suprised) and full of protein.. its not bad for a runner up! Good with creamy houmous if you're really going to go! (£4 for one in a bun or for two to go)

Mildreds is Brilliant
. A little too crowded, but behing located in the filmy part of Soho this is not suprising. Many other alternatives which are always super good, but we came to talk about the burger which seems not to fail! Made from different vegetables (it changes.. beetroot.. many things) It usually tastes of much more than the basics. Great Texture. Not sure about the price these days.. but it comes with very thick cut potatoes and basil mayo. Takeaways possible too.

Lucky 7, oh what a diner!
Let's find you a picture...
(to the right)

Burger's.. very good, as with chips and the best milkshake made in a choice of three thicknesses with organic I Scream.

And Joe Allen's.. squeezed right at the VERY bottom... but the burger is the very best.

Super buzzy but relaxed atmosphere for those of you not yet acquainted. In the heart of theatre land, dimmed, brick interior filled with posters, candles, little alcoves.

And what better, than a moist, tasty, succulent warm burger, with wasabi mayo and little string fries... eaten with the best company.......

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