Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tyre Heaven

So back from 5 week 'Alpine Bliss', bumming around big mountains and small villages, sleeping in the back of camions and visiting friends in France, Italy and Switz-erland.

And Sevilla for Semana Santa, the holy week of penitentes parades-

With Dulce de Leche ice-cream at midnuit after floating in salt water brick tombs at the trad Arabic bathhouse. Discovering the world of very early morning Flamenco and equally friendly compatriots.

So what am I excited about now? Oh yeah, it's a mound of rubber… and an idea of dragging friends  on top of tyres in small parks on pretend skis…

I go to the our local garage to see if they could help recommend where to find some tyres and this family run business couldn't be more helpful!

So return in our crap covered car (under a tree whilst in Sevilla) with me dressed in dirty army green and roll off 3 from their hands. Return at a clip and the postman is poised with my new sledge harness…

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