Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tokyo Shoe Rescue

just another two days in tokyo.. but still every days at least a little adventure...

today was many things including what to do when you loose your shoe... or flip flop for that matter!

Omotesando, is just one of those places.. where you could find beautiful new treads.. a popular station as ever, and me, laden with baggage as officially moving out from lux Minami Aoyama Garden Court, I step off the train to let all those behind me escape to ?
and in the process of the moshpit push out I precariously loose my shoe..

Oh yes, oops! for its gone haphazardly right between (into that small deep chasm) the train and safe platform.

I stare and as the doors close I point to the outlooking passengers in pantomime.. my bare foot and then the whole, small and tight, right under their squashed-to-the glass. noses.

I wonder if my purple flip flop will be sliced, but the train slides out and as I go to peer over the platform (wow it's high!) it is still in tact. My fellow photographer friend runs up to the end to go inform the guard, I don't have much spare yen and I'm not prepared to return on one foot if a rescue attempt is indeed possible. Lights shine in the tunnel and its not a question to pop in, get dirty then try to work out how the hell to get out. I wait as more loads pop out of the, already in the station train.

And you can see what happens. Maybe he's been missing pachinko sessions for arcade claw practise.. but it is smoothly delivered.. and .. yes.. the day continues.. on two feet..

so, see you soon!

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