Friday, 26 June 2009

MACA or Macaz? The red or the blue pill.

Do we ever really want to feel that bad?

At New Years, I thought I would celebrate it with all the things I hadn't done in ages that I knew I didn't want to do again. In Buddhist practice they recommend that you spend the first four days doing the things you want to do for the rest of the year. Thus many monks choose
not to clean their room and similarly I had a anti-new years resolution day by celebrating to do things I usually choose not to do just because I could. (The freedom of America)

For me this was having Japanese McDonald's fries (they're really better than elsewhere though I admit I'm not
au courrant on the fry scene) and a milkshake AND some Krispy Kreme donuts that Nihon-jin just love queuing for (as they do for all their cakes).

I wanted to see what it was all about and yes I can understand your point of view. Quick, easy, cheap and addictive
but do we really want to feel that bad- which we inevitably do- consuming greasy, carcinogenic, health decaying fat-sugar-not-food-mixes?

It is now no easier to grab a Maccaz than to drink up a smoothie with superfood ordered from the internet.

At the moment I'm fasting. I believe that even if you are a nihilist you can still benefit your body and thus your mind from a good old dose of eating nothing.

However I'm not just fasting on water, but mixing in fresh vegetable juices and superfood smoothies. Some of the best superfoods I have found include kiki, (a tad
takai), lucuma,
and for a Theobromine kick: raw cocoa nibs not forgetting MACA (because thats how this whole post started).

But lets write about fasting later.

Bed time despite all this supafood.

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