Thursday, 18 June 2009

Mongolian Wedding

Drunk.. sweating across the nose they leaned forward inches from my face and tried to have a conversation with me one by one.

I go back in
and the new ger has turned into a mad hot house- the three types of vodka has got the better (?) of everyone who has not already run out. People are smiling and raising their bowls... people are shouting-the fire is on- even though it's mid afternoon +sunny+warm outside. Something is cooking and the new strong bottles are twisted open with a spray of liquid as the old ones are shelved. Sunlight filters in from the top-the tono cover is half open and there is a mild light shining on some people's faces- the girl next to me is smiling but silent. They break into song... The place is bustling. The compulsory games are finished and people rush out whilst others crackle at the tops of their voices and the fire spits safely behind a closed door. It is steamy milk in the pot and Sara the bride is pouring tea with a new pink ladle type. (She is already at work!). It is truly lively-with people stumbling and spilling drink in a circle the diameter of ?

Suddenly everyone is gathering outside amidst shouting and song

The truck takes off with waving arms and struggling women. In the back amidst the fucking dust is a writhing drunk -tall and grinning -he seems possessed- a sexual, pent, snot tossed fury. He is trying to climb out and kicks me several times as he is pinned by 4 or 5 women. When we get back the pick up before us has just arrived +another literally falls out on the ground.

He is thrashing -more water than he uses in a week is doused over him... he is ripping off his clothes. He is restrained by 2 or 3 other men. He is skinny and all strong + filled with perhaps (they told me it was 3 bottles per person) 3 litres of strong vodka. Continual water -all the dead dried grass sticks to his muscles and...

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